Thoughts at the end 2016

My last post was added a year ago. When thoughts, often reflecting quick and imperfect thinking, could be seen as representing the institution you work for, it is hard to keep up the writing.

I still think this is my personal space, where I should be relatively free to say what I’d like to say – I am not a reckless thinker nor am I known for having an acid tongue, don’t you agree?

A lot happened in 2016, personally, professionally and to the world around us. Packed up our belongings and moved from London to South Bend, Indiana; I also left the Internet Archive and joined the University of Notre Dame; and people of the UK chose to Brexit and then the US played the Trump card on us…

As far as I am concerned, 2016 can just go away.

I however want 2017 to be different. Not much one can do about Brexit or Trump but I hope we will settle in our new home and get used to life in the Midwest. More importantly, I will start writing again, about my job at Notre Dame: new challenges I face, things I learn and the issues I now get paid to think about… I hope to stay in touch with all the good people I have worked with in the past.



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