The Past Issue of the Web

This article was written for and accepted by the ACM Web Science Conference 2011, which took place on 14-17 June 2011 in Koblenz, Germany. It reflected the beginning of my thinking about the access issues, which led to some of our later experiments in alternative access methods for web archives.

This paper takes a critical look at the efforts since the mid-1990s
in archiving and preserving websites by memory institutions
around the world. It contains an overview of the approaches and
practices to date, and a discussion of the various technical,
curatorial and legal issues related to web archiving. It also looks
at a number of current projects which take a different approach to
dealing with the temporal aspects or persistence of the web. The
paper argues for closer collaboration with the main stream web
science research community and the use of technology developed
for the live web, such as visualisation and data analytics, to
advance the web archiving agenda.



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